Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 months

Okay, I'm a little late posting this. Hudson was 2 months on the 4th but we just had his checkup this week . He is doing great! He weighs 10lb 13oz and is 23 inches long! I was so excited! At 1 month he was only 8lb 8oz and 21.75 in. However, this is still only 20% for weight! But really I guess I should consider him 2 weeks behind because it took him 2 weeks to make it back up to his birth weight and normally they are able to do that in a couple of days. (At least mine did) So, everything is giong really well. He is completely normal and such a great baby! Just a testimony to our great God! 

These pics are while we were in the dr office waiting to see the dr and he was talking up a storm! He coos and smiles ALL the time now! He started that around 6 weeks but now he will get started and go on and on for like 10 minutes! Its the cutest thing ever!