Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Pics

My BFF, Haley, right after she gave birth to her first baby! A baby girl named Lola! This was so much fun and so exciting! She was 8lbs 9oz 21 inches long.
McCaylan on our recent beach trip. At the beach house holding Hudson.
Hudson laying in his boppy smiling and cooing at me.

This is Hudson in his "bouncy" seat. He likes to try and throw himself out of it. especially when he is mad, but sometimes when he is happy too. :) Must be buckled in at all times!
This is just a cute one of him sleeping. He gets a hold on things by accident and then is stuck like that because he hasn't figure out how to let go!
These are the girls siamese kittens they got for Christmas. they are sweet and getting bigger every day. The blurry one is McCaylan's (Josie) and the one staring at us is Kenley Grace's (Sunshine).
Another cute one of him sleeping in Mawmaw's arms.
Okay, so Kenley Grace fell out of her bed in the middle of the night and must have landed on the hardwood floor flat on her face! I'm pretty sure her now was broken. This is the day after when it was VERY swollen!!! But the next few days it was bruised pretty bad. So sad! She is completely better now.
This is their birthday cake. I got it at Sam's and it was really good! Yum! They had a "Horse and Soccer" party. Because McCaylan does horse lessons and Kenley Grace played soccer.

This is why before we had Hudson I said I would never do a blog, because I am not good at it! I really don't feel like my life is interesting enough to be "blogworthy"! Everything is going great though! We had the girls birthday party together at the house at the end of May. My best friend, haley, had her baby (Lola) and that was wonderful!
Just thought I would post some updated pics. I take Hudson for his 4 month checkup in 2 weeks and the girls are going the beginning of August. Now that will be an update! McCaylan is terrified of shots and I have to take someone with me when she has to get one!