Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another quick update. Trying hard to catch up!

Okay the pics in this post are backwards as far as dates go. Which is really buggin me, but I'm making myself leave it alone. If I had a touch of OCD about anything, it would be stuff like this... Like my blogs being in order and not leaving out details. So this is really driving me crazy!!!

This is the girls at their 4 and 6 year check ups in their gowns. It actually went much better than expected. I took my mother n law, Karen, with me. She left the room with KG while I stayed in with McCaylan as she got her finger pricked. It wasn't nearly as horrible and embarrassing as the last time! She cried a little but did not kick and scream so that was great! :) She did not have to get shots, I was confused. KG was the one who had to get 2 shots. And this is even more pitiful b/c she is so brave it just breaks my heart. I had prepared her beforehand and we talked about how it would hurt just a little and then it would be over. This child is sooooo strongwilled she will not allow herself to cry even though you can see ALL over her face that she really wants too. Its breaks my heart! They were really proud of themselves though, as I was proud of them too! KG weighed 42.5 lbs and was 42in tall and McCaylan weighed 45lbs and was 45.25in tall. Dr Lytle said he would like them to grow 2 in a year and they both did, but KG grew 3 in and gained 6 lbs! She definitely hit a growth spurt! He was surprised! KG also has a little trouble pronouncing her g's, y's, & c's so he said if she is still doing that by Christmas she can go to speech therapy at Springville Elementary. So we will see what happens with that. We love it and think it is the cutest thing ever. Hunter doesn't want her to stop and said she didnt need to go to thereapy! But I know she won't want to be doing that forever, so we will see.

This is at the beach the last weekend in July when we went with Hunters parents and his older brother and his wife and 3 boys. We had so much fun! Me and mary (my sister n law) got to go on Mon with the kids and everyone else came on Thurs. We had a blast! He has found his feet and it is sooo cute! I love it!
Not a very good pic, but this is getting ready for his first cereal. The doctor told me at his 4 mth check up that i could try cereal at night, especially since he was not sleeping through the night and he has a little reflux. I tried it however and nothing changed. He still sleeps only 6 hours! Which is not too bad, but I am not making a mess every night with this cereal when he is perfectly content with breast milk only! Its so much harder to fool with that stuff! So I tried it for a while, took a break, and tried it again at 5 months, and have decided to take a break again until he is 6 months.

These 2 are at my friend Crystalyn's house in her bumbo seat. This shows why the warnings on these things tell you "not to leave child unattended" and "not to sit it on high surfaces", because it is possible that your child my throw themselves out! At least he is happy about it! He wasn't fussy at all. He just enjoyed this. Which is also why his nickname is "bucking bronco". Just "Bronco" for short. See, my father n law (Pops to the kids) gives EVERYONE a nickname. McCaylans is "Mac", Kenley Grace's is "Hog Jaws", and Now Hudson's is "Bronco". And He calls you by nothing but this name that he gives you. For the rest of their lives this will be there name to him. It suits him though, because he bucks like this in almost everything he sits in.
This is the day of his 4 mth check up. Just a pic to commemorate the day. We are actually at my moms after the appt. He loves exersaucers! He weighed 13lb 15oz. Almost 14lb! I checked and I believe he was 3 oz less than McCaylan was and he was alos 3 oz less than her at 2 months. So I think he is going to be more her size than KG's. I think he is a little behind her just b/c he got a slow start with whole NICU deal! oh yeah, and I don't remeber his length! Its been so long, I will check and update on that later.

okay, still some more BIG stories to update on so I will keep working on it. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

So much to update and so little time!

Wow! Do I have a lot to post about! Sorry I haven't been updating much! I am really really BAD at this!!! I just do not have enough time to be blogging! Okay I don't know if the events will be in order and I will try to go against my nature and not add every detail, in order to keep this from being 10 pages long! I think the best way to accomplish this may be to post some pictures and comment on those. So here we go...

This is what happens when you don't buckle them in! I just thought this one was hilarious! YES, I was sitting right there. I was checking my email and I heard him fuss and looked down and this is what I saw! He had flipped himself over and then almost come out of the bouncy!
So sweet sleeping on the sofa.
This is at the beach for July 4th weekend. Not his first beach trip. I am so bad about taking pics while we are down there. We go down there a good bit so I don't feel like I HAVE to capture every moment. But then I end up capturing very little moments. Oops! Kenley Grace is swimming with out floaties! That frees me up a lot!
First time to roll over on July 11th. I caught it on camera! He turned 4 months on the 4th. I feel like he was kind of late doing this but its my fault because I would never put him on the floor. So finally one day I laid him down there and with in 30 minutes he rolled over! And he did it both ways!
Sleeping in my bed. Too sweet! Gotta love our passy!

He loves to suck his fingers too though! Hunter's brothers sucked their fingers, so Hunter really likes it that he does this. He is the only one who has.

Lots more to update on. I will keep working on it and hopefully I can get caught up soon!