Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Special Delivery

Well, yesterday was great! I delivered the stool samples to the Gi and they said to just keep doing what I'm doing if he has any more episodes. I didn't see the dr or anything I just talked to some of the girls working there. This last episode was different in that it had only been a week since the last one. Normally it happens about once a month. he can't gain weight hardly as it is! He's really not going to be able to keep any on if he starts this more frequently! But he actually doesn't look skinny. He has fat rolls and look proportionate. I just don't like hearing that he's only 11% for weight. Anyway, they set the appointment with Children's for next Thurs. at 2:00 and then I will go directly back to GI office afterwards. That will give them time to get back stool samples, so we can discuss them and whatever we find out at Children's and hopefully make that visit as productive as possible. Then Fri we are going back to Pediatrics East at 9:30am b/c Dr Lytle wants to recheck his ears b/c last time he still had an ear infection and had to be put on a 2nd antibiotic. And he also wanted an update from the GI.

But yesterday was great for Hudson. He was completely back to normal! Even better than normal. He was laughing out loud and just cackling! That is not normal for him. He is usually a VERY smiley baby and he coos and talks a lot, but he doesn't really laugh a whole whole lot. So that was fun. He has been eating fine. He even slept 5hrs and 20min in his own room last night!!! So that was great!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on my sweet baby

OKay, we went to the Gi dr on fri. and he asked a lot of questions and took a lot of notes. He is very thorough. He is sending us to Children's Hospital in 2 weeks for an appt to have an ultrasound done of Hudson's abdomen and labs done to check his liver function, spleen, and some other stuff. Meanwhile, I am going to take him 5 stool samples this week. Then the day we go to Children's I will return to his office to discuss the results of the stool samples and whatever we find out at Children's. So I will update the blog when That happens. I do not have an appt set yet. I am calling tomorrow to get that set up.

So as far as Hudson goes... I have started him back on his reflux meds and The gi dr wants me start him on some good bacteria (Bio Gaia), which puts the good bacteria back into your intestines. He has been spitting up some this week, but nothing outrageous, just normal baby spit up. Then last night he wasn't acting quite himself. he wasn't smiling much or cooing. Then this morning he woke up with spit up in his bed. Then I nursed him and then he spit up. Then the next time he nursed he projectile vomitted 3x in row. And the about an hour and half later he was asleep and woke up to throw up and then went back to sleep. So I guess I am starting the 1tsp. of Pedialyte every 5 min again as soon as he wakes up. I can tell he doesnt feel good and he doesnt want to eat. which is why I don't believe this is just reflux. So I will hopefully take the stool samples tomorrow if I have enough and I will tell them what he has done today and ask what if there is anything I need to be doing. Which by tomorrow he will probably be feeling much better, which is the way this usually goes. Anyway, say a prayer for us the doctors! Thank you so much. He is such a sweet baby. He is happy ALL the time, except when he is having these episodes. He never fusses normally. He laughs and smile and coos. We are so thankful for him.

I will try and update as soon as I find things out.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

For cryin out loud!! Not AGAIN!

Played too hard!

Daddy pulling them around the back yard.
McCaylan taking over.

McCaylan ready for the wedding!
Ready to throw those petals!

Okay, so my step sister got married this past weekend at Rosewood in Pinson and it went great! Everything was gorgeous! It was an outside wedding and it didn't rain so that was great! I was a bridesmaid and the girls were flower girls. It was stress free and we really enjoyed it! The Sunday was my best friend Ashley's baby tea that I helped with. It went great and she got a lot of good stuff.
Meanwhile, Saturday morning Hudson woke up throwing up AGAIN! He threw up 4 times that morning while I was trying to get ready for the wedding. So needless to say he did make it to the wedding. Hunter and his mom kept him all day. He did not have a fever. They had to give him 1tsp of Pedialyte every 5 min for 2 hours and then four more hours before he could have breastmilk. However, he threw up 30 min into the pedialyte and then once more a couple of hours later. So all day he had nothing but pedialyte. So when I got there that night I gave him a 2oz bottle of breastmilk just to try since it had now been 6 hours since he vomitted. He took the whole thing and about 15 min later threw it up. So all through the night when he woke up I just gave him about .5- 1oz of pedialyte. He kept that down so that morning I let him nurse for about 30-45 seconds, and then he threw it up about 30 min later. He acted like he felt a little better and I did nurse him on this day. He only threw up 3-4 times all day and very spread out through out the day. So Mon was his 6 month checkup. We went to see Dr Lytle and I was prepared to request a referral back to the GI dr b/c I do not feel like my child has just been so unlucky as to catch 3 viruses, once each in the past 3 months. Also, the girls have not had a virus since he was born! Obviously Dr Lytle agrees that this is abnormal b/c with out me asking he immediately said "lets go back the GI". Yay! I just want to figure this thing out! So we go tomorrow (Fri) at 10:45am. Also, he weighed 15lbs 8oz. Two weeks ago I took him in for an ear infection and he was 15lbs 4oz! So he definitely lost weight during this vomitting spell. Last time, during the whole Children's visit, he started at 14lbs 9oz and when it was all said and done he weighed 13lbs 14oz! While he is still gaining weight (when he's not sick), his percentile is dropping big time. He is 11% for weight. So sad! I am use to KG who was 90% for weight and 70% for height! So she was a major fatty and I loved it! He is still a very happy baby when he is not sick. So please say a prayer for wisdom for Dr Mestre (GI dr). In the meantime Dr Lytle had me start him back on reflux medication, although he never spits up in between these spells, just to make sure. Also, the day he turned 6 months I started him on baby food. He loves bananas! I am making my own baby food and they tell you to start with bananas so I did. More to come on that later! Anyway, he FINALLY started sleeping through the night! He did it for a whole week! Then, he got sick! And he hasn't slept through the night since! BIG bummer! :(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

More in the life of the Evans

Singing a song she learned at school.
The bag I made for KG or school. (I did not do the monogram)
KG's first day of preschool! She is in K4. She loves it! She has made a lot of new friends too. She goes 3 days a week for 3.5 hours. Sometimes she tells me "Mom we did borin stuff today". I say "Well, did you go to the playground or the gym?" and she says "yes, that was fun". I say "did you color or paint?" and she says "yes, that was fun". So I say "well what was boring then?" and she says "sit down and be quiet!" She evidently doesn't like the learning part of school!
Sweet boy!
McCaylan has now lost 2 teeth! For the first tooth she got $1 and for the second she $2 in quarters.

Life keeps on rollin...

Trying on her dress for Brittany and Chase's wedding in October.
McCaylan's first day of 1st grade. She was so excited! I can't believe she is old enough to go to school all day! When I went to pick her up I was seriously just so relieved that they gave her back to me! I mean I dropped my child off, with people I have really never met, for 8 hours! I was so glad to get her back! Then she tells me that she walked to class by herself. Like there as no teacher waiting to escort them. They are big kids now and they just get out of the car and go to class! It is so sad! She had a great time and has made a lot of new friends.
This is my best effort to take a picture of the tiny little tooth that cut through his gums! He now has 2 teeth that are through pretty far. He was 5 months old when he cut this first one.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Here we go again...

Okay, this happened a while back so don't get worried! It was actually the end of July and the beginning of August when we went to the beach for the wonderful Evans family beach trip! We had so much fun, but the day before we left (Sat) Hudson started vomiting. At first it was just a couple of times a day and looked like a large amount of spit up so I assumed it was his reflux acting up. He seemed to be feeling fine besides the fact that he had a runny nose. Then Monday is when I realized he was sick! Monday was the girls check up day! So I had him with me and asked the dr what he thought. He said it could be drainage making him gag and then vomit and that drainage can cause diahrrea as well. So we went home and it just got worse. Seriously, when he threw up it was the saddest thing I have ever seen! All I could do was hold him, I felt so helpless. There was nothing I could do to help him and I know he didn't understand. :( But he wasn't eating well and every time he did eat he threw up at least twice. So we went back to the dr after hours and his white count was okay and everything else looked good, but they sent us to Children's hospital because he looked so bad to them. Once we got there it was about 8:30pm and they pretty much took us right back. They seemed very worried about him. At this point he was completely lethargic. Just staring, non responsive, not moving. They ordered a million test it seemed like. They stuck him 4 times and took as much blood from him as they could to run those test. He also got an xray of his abdomen and an upper and lower GI test. In which they made him drink nasty chalky stuff while watching it run through his system (before he vomitted it all back up) and then stuck a tube up his bottom and pumped gas in him and watched it go threw. Yep, you can imagine how fun that was! Actually he did not fuss much b/c he was so sick he didn't really care. So after talking with Er dr's, Gi dr's, surgeons, and nurses we were finally admitted at about 3:30am. They decided he had a virus and was dehydrated. Thank you very much! I understand though, because with babies you have to check all possibilities b/c they can go downhill very quickly. He didn't eat well for a few days and I was pumping a lot. But by the end of the week he was much better. Here are a few pics from our experience.

This is at the doctor, after hours. Right before they sent us to Children's hospital. He's looking pretty jaundice here, but I'm pretty sure thats just the lighting and my iphone. As you can see in the next pic he was not that color!
This baby does not feel good! :(
Waiting in a room at Children's ER in our little hospital gown.
Sweet. :)
Daddy trying to get him to take like .5 oz of Pedialyte.