Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Picture updates

Okay, all of these pictures in the next 3 post are totally random and out of order. But they catch you up from where I left off. The 3rd post has more info in it.

Dorothy and the Witch of the West
The Cowardly Lion

Okay, so Halloween was "The Wizard of Oz" theme this year. I would never let my children dress up like a witch or something evil, but since it was a character in the movie I allowed it. What I just wrote probably completely contradicts itself, but hopefully you understand what I mean. :) Lets face it the choices were slim. The Tin Man and Scarecrow are kinda boyish and Glenda the Good Witch was a little more than I really wanted to take on. I mean her costume is detailed and elaborate. I once thought I would actually make it, but that was months before halloween and as it grew closer to time and I had not even looked for patterns, I decided I better not attempt that one. :)

Going for a ride.

Fatty! Thank God!

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