Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This place looks familiar

In the ER.
In the sad looking hospital bed. :( We like to call it jail.
Talking to us.
Blowing bubbles. ( The thing on his arm is where they have disconnected him from the iv fluids but kept his iv in just in case. So they wrapped it in an ace bandage to keep him from pulling it out b/c he really liked playing with it.)

Hey everyone! We went to Children's and the Gi dr last week and all the testes were normal. The stools, ultrasound, blood work, urine, everything was normal. So he said it is very uncommon in infants but maybe he has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS). He is treating him for it, although there is no cure. The child just vomits in somewhat of a cycle. The only way to diagnose it is to rule out everything else. The purpose of the medicine is to help spread out the episodes if not eliminate them. He said we will try this and see if it helps along with his reflux meds and a probiotic. The next step would be to scope him and the dr didn't want to that to him if he didn't have to. So thats why we are trying this first.

However, one week after starting the meds he had an episode, which was 3 weeks since the last one. It was Friday morning. This one was pretty bad. He had thrown up about 10 or 12 times by 12:00pm. He hadn't eaten since 6:00am. Normally once he starts vomting I stop feedings and start pedialyte and the vomiting stops. Then we resume feedings as normal the next day and he is fine. However, this time he would not stop gagging and vomiting what I guess was stomach fluids. He had not had a wet diaper so I took him Children's ER. They started an IV b/c he was dehydrated and the GI dr decided to admit him. So we stayed there and they took another xray and more blood. They are checking for a metobollic inbalance and will have the results next week. We stayed there till Sunday b/c the dr wanted to get some blood on Sun morning. He is back to normal now. Babies just get dehydrated so easily that I need to really careful about that. The dr said we will stick with our same plan for now with the all the meds. Since he had only been on it a week he can't really say that it wasn't effective since it didn't have much time before this episode. This may be something that we never really figure out and just have to learn t
o live with. Hopefully he will grow out of it and he may have just have to go get fluids sometimes. Thats okay with me. I have accepted this. The Lord knows exactly what causes this for He formed him in my womb! He knows every detail of his innerbeing and made it that way for a purpose, and He loves him! So that is completely satisfying to me. He is healthy in every other way. He is right on time with all his development. Who cares if hes a little small? I don't anymore, like my mom said , "hes easier to carry"! Its not like he is really skinny. He actually looks a little chunky with his fat rolls. But on paper he is only about 11% and that is all that bothered me, since my last one was about 90%! He is really too too cute! And we all love him and really really enjoy him!



  1. i feel old when I read your blog, please change your font color, i have to put the laptop up to my nose to read it. Those blues are almost the same. ;) I love you and glad Hudson is A OK, now go change the font color.

  2. I agree with Abo, Crys and GB I have to highlight your blog just to read it :)

    Hope you get some answers soon! I know what you mean about a skinny baby, we went last week and Dr said if he hadn't gained more in a week, he'll have to do blood work. If only I had that problem LOL. Keep us posted!!

  3. haha! I know I picked the wrong color on this. I changed it to match now. But its still hard to read. I dont like this background, but IDK how to change it. Abo, Crys, and GB did it for me last time. :) So maybe they need to fix it for me! :) I know NOTHING about blogging besides how to type! And I'm not great at that...